Win a Frame Drum!
Posted 9/10/2008 10:05 PM (#265)
Subject: Win a Frame Drum!


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The September issue of Bay Area Drumming is due out next week -- and
will include 8-12 pages of news, and 6-8 pages more of Circles,
Events, and Calendar info.

To receive your FREE email subscription to this new publication, send
an email to BayAreaDrumming( at)TampaBay., with 'subscribe' in
the subject line.

Subscribe by Sept. 26 for your chance to win a FREE 22-inch Remo
Buffalo Drum -- their name for Frame Drums.

The drawing will be held after the 26th, with the winner to be
announced in the October issue. The winner also will be notified by

New subscribers also will receive the July and August issues -- with
12 pages of news each!

-- B.A.D. Newsletter Facilitator

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