Sacred Lands Preservation and Education 


Lean about the native Americans that lived here... 


Dean Quigley paintingPlease join us in appreciation for the "new wing" of our web site, donated by St.
Petersburg, Florida artist, musical performer and story teller, Mac Perry. He developed
this section because of his passion for learning about the native Americans who
preceded us in these Sacred Lands. Please enjoy your journey into the past, with glimpses at the present, and a hopeful outlook toward the future.

Your input is very welcome for the development of this web site. If you have an area of interest, a contribution, or photos to share, please contact Doris. This organization is all about bringing us together, understanding history, and encouraging our awareness of our natural environment. Nature is sacred and so we seek its
preservation. We also recognize that the Indians of days gone by, left behind items
which they considered sacred, and so we seek the preservation of mounds, artifacts,
and Mounds. It is our great blessing that contemporary Native Americans visit
and give their time to present mind and spirit expanding events that help to deepen
the understanding of our relationship with the natural world.

Mac Perry was born and educated in Virginia, holds degrees in Horticulture and Religion, is an artist, has written eight books, lived in Florida since 1969, been anMac Perry teaching what he loves vocational archaeologist since 1988, and is married to the sister of his childhood sweetheart (who ran off with a Mayflower truck driver.) Mac loves little children and dogs, bamboo flutes, Irish bodhrans, and killing bugs. Mac and Lynda Faye live on top of the Bayshore Homes Indian Mound in St. Petersburg where Florida Indians lived over a thousand years ago. Follow us and together we can learn a little bit about those Indians click on the links in the "In this Section" box on the left to get started! 







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