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Books by Mac Perry


Mac Perry has published several books pertaining to Florida and the Native culture. Listed below are a few examples you may want to check out.


Indian Mounds You Can VisitIndian Mounds You Can Visit


". . . an informative and entertaining book about archaeological sites on Florida 's west coast . . . clearly written and well organized."
— Florida Anthropological Society


Imagine my surprise", said Mac Perry, of St. Petersburg, Florida, "when I discovered my home sits on an ancient Indian mound! ...that 1/3 million Indians were living in Florida when the Europeans arrived in the 1500s, and that they had been living here for 12,000 years . . . and today they are gone, extinct, no descendants. From the Everglades to the Suwannee River I searched Florida's west coast and discovered 165 aboriginal sites. From nomadic hunters of giant mammoths to architects of sophisticated temple towns and complex canal cities, these naked 'Ancient Floridans' fished the bays, produced some of the finest wood carvings and pottery in North America, and buried their dead with ritualistic Black Drink ceremonies. They left no record of their existence, only hundreds of strange mounds that are today being destroyed at an alarming rate. Here at last is their story as revealed by the discoveries found in their mounds.
Excerpted from Indian Mounds You Can Visit

Pre-historic Indians of Florida left hundreds of mounds for ceremonial and practical purposes. Though most have succumbed to the bull dozer, many still exist and can be visited. Author I. Mac Perry describes 165 of them between the Suwannee River and the Florida Everglades: where the mounds are, when they were built, and what recovered artifacts tell us about the ancient people who left them behind.


320 page paperback with numerous photos, illustrations, charts, and drawings. $14.95. To order call Great Outdoors Publishing toll free. (800) 869- 6609 or visit


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Black ConquistadorBlack Conquistador


". . . a riveting narration, places the reader in the gut-wrenching environment of the New World"
—The Estevanico Society


From the bustling streets of 16th century Spain to the Indian infested tangle of interior Florida, you'll witness the conquest of Florida during its darkest hour. This fact-based novel tells the story of the 400-man Narváez expedition that landed at Tampa Bay and marched to Apalachee seeking gold but instead found the worst nightmare of their lives. Read about Berry Girl, a Tocobaga Indian caught up in the whirlwind adventure and Ka•Konee who makes the mistake of falling in love with the Black Conquistador.

"Rage exploded in Berry Girl's head. It swelled and burst from her lips as a high pitched scream. Halpata removed his hands. The berdache stood up. When he did they saw what Berry Girl had not seen—until now. Great puffs of smoke rising out of the jungle to the south, dark and ominous against the gold of the sky. Puffs of smoke spelling out a single message—Disaster has come." — Excerpted from Chapter Eleven Of Black Conquistador


256 page paperback. $9.95. To order call (800)869-6609 or visit


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Children Of The SunChildren Of The Sun

". . . A rewarding reading experience based on real events."
— Erik Anderson, Narváez Landing Site.


250 Spanish conquistadors confront an angry mob of primitive Indians when their boats crash along the Texas coast. Cabeza de Vaca and three lone survivors suffer starvation, loneliness, and daily beatings at the hands of cannibalistic Indians as they seek to escape the mayhem and find their way to Mexico. Then the miracle occurs, a prodigy that transforms them into gods in the wilderness followed by a train of thousands of barbarous Indians who now worship them.


"The Castilians had lost everything—their boat, their clothes, three more countrymen. They dug into the sand to hide their nakedness and to stop from shivering. The bodies of the dead men lay side by side on the open sand. Cabeza de Vaca was vexed. How many more must he lose before they would be delivered from this maddening world? He could not bury his countrymen. Not yet. Not until their deaths had settled in, and he was sure that this was not some harrowing nightmare. Then the Indians returned. One Castilian whispered, "I have been to New Spain, Marshal. I know this kind. They will sacrifice us to their gods. They will eat us."
—Excerpted from Chapter Four


240 page paperback. $9.95. To order call (800)869-6609 or visit




OTHER BOOKS by I. Mac Perry:

Landscaping in Florida: A Photo Idea Book

256 page oversize soft cover with over 350 illustrations and photos $21.95. To order go to

Mac Perry's Florida Lawn and Garden Care

128 page paperback. Lots of line drawings and photos $8.95. To order call (800)869-6609 or visit

The Bible: Why Trust It

248 page Proofs of Christianity $9.95. To order call (727) 381-7512

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