Sacred Lands Preservation and Education 
Sacred Lands
1620 Park Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33710-4348
(727) 347-0354

For Parking use:
1700 Park St N
St Petersburg, FL 33710

Weddings at Sacred Lands

A Joining of Two Hearts; Creating a wedding of your dreams!


Doris Anderson officiates weddings at Sacred Lands in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her mission is to guide you through planning of your special day so that you can focus on the most important thing - your peace of mind and loved ones. Whether it's just the two, or a larger wedding, it can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. Any officiate of your choice would be also be welcome.

Doris is a Notary (and licensed therapist). She has practiced meditation for many years and her calm and assuring presence eases even the most nervous bride or groom!

Sacred Lands is a beautiful, waterfront setting. This sacred cathedral under the skies is a very special setting for a wedding, and can accommodate up to 150 people. Having the reception right here at Sacred Lands can also be part of the planning. 

Even on hot Florida afternoons, a cool breeze passes through from Boca Ciega Bay. A tropical paradise with brick pathways to wander, Sacred Lands is an uplifting place. As the setting for a wedding, the presence of life energies blesses a couple's union. From the beautiful oaks with their magical hanging moss to the beautiful peacocks you won't soon forget this magical place!

Walk down beautiful paved walkways...


A cermony under our pavillion 


A sunset to remember overlooking the water

A perfect ending!


One of our lovely Peahens on our candlelit walkway



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